"Summer Fun, Savings for Everyone!" - The Primitive Pineapple Collection

"Summer Fun, Savings for Everyone!"


Welcome friends.

I can not believe we are already into summer. We here at the Pineapple are so glad to welcome everyone to our new home. We are working around the clock to update everything including new promotions and sales.

Our Fall pumpkins are arriving next week and we just got in some wonderful handcrafted Folk art Santas that are stunning. One of the hardest things with running this company is having self control not to keep pieces for myself.

In the spirit of this wonderful new chapter for the company, I would like to reach out to our loyal customers. It is all you wonderful people that brought us here today. We decided the best way to improve is go straight to the source. We would like to hear from you! Please feel free to suggest any companies and or artist you would like to see us work with and carry their pieces. If we use the suggest company or artist, we will give that person that offered the idea a 20% discount. We are excited to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see at the Pineapple.

Thank you for all of your unwavering support .


Kim and Crew

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