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How to Scent your Home for the Holidays

Greet your family and visitors with delightful holiday aromas as they step into your home. Whether you prefer the invigorating scent of apple cinnamon or the nostalgic fragrance of Holly Berry and Pine, there's nothing quite like the evocative power of these scents. Our extensive collection of top-quality simmering potpourris offers a versatile solution that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

My introduction to simmering potpourri liquids dates back to my days as a candle maker, and I quickly became enamored with this alternative. It proved to be a cleaner, more economical, and adaptable choice compared to traditional candles. No need to fret about an open flame or that sudden panic of wondering if you extinguished the candle. It's incredibly straightforward to use, and you don't require any special warming devices. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use.

You can apply this potent liquid sparingly to revive dried potpourri or gently warm it for a more intense aroma. Personally, I find that using a small pot on the stove with a touch of water and a small amount of simmering potpourri is my preferred method. As you gradually heat it, your home will become infused with a captivating fragrance. Additionally, you can use it in our handcrafted electric tart warmers. When the weather takes a colder turn, I like to add some to my cast iron kettle, which I keep on my wood-burning stove.

You can mix and match and create your own signature scent. All your guests will ask" what is that amazing scent?"

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